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Wolfe’s Evansville Auto Auctions

Cayce Frederick

Battery Charger Maintenance

In the auction business, seconds count in the process of starting a car and driving it through the auction arena so that it may be sold. One car is not so bad, but multiply it times hundreds and you dramatically increase the chance of problems. Problems like dead batteries.

We currently have 8 jump boxes in service that each have a battery, a charger, and jump cables. Not to mention all the wires, circuitry, and gauges (On Wheels). I used to try to tinker with them and just didn’t have the time. Then I learned of a place called Ohio Valley Charging. I called Kevin the next time I had one that just flat quit charging and he told me to drop it by. He had it back very quickly and at first I thought they had switched it for another one. The gauges looked new, he fixed some ratty cables, put on new clamps and the thing works like a champ.

Thank you Kevin, for going above and beyond for your customers!


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