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David Enterprises Inc.

On behalf of my company, I want to thank you for your continued quality service and repair that we have received from you for over the past 16 years. We have always been able to count on our battery chargers and welders to be repaired in a timely and costly manner.

Gipe Automotive

Kevin Pate has a battery charger repair service. He has repaired many battery chargers for Gipe Automotive for the past 10 years. He gives thorough service with fast turnaround. Kevin is really meticulous about diagnosing the problem on the battery charger. He cleans the machines & makes them look like new. His prices are reasonable &… Read More

Jeff Meyer Trucking LLC & Farm

I cannot begin to express my appreciation on the quick service you provided on what I thought was a completely ruined charger. After backing over it with a tractor, I was sure it was going to the junk pile. But, I took it to you and you were able to make it look as good as it could be and it now also works! I have been dealing with you for many… Read More

Repairing an old Vintage Autometer Carbon Pile Load Tester

It was nice to find someone who repairs older equipment. Super friendly & easy to deal with. Extremely helpful in helping me repair my own equipment,

Thank You !!!

Les Richey

Willow, Alaska

Scissor Lift Repair

I purchased three scissor lifts knowing only two operated.  After some troubleshooting, I didn't think the last one was salvageable.  I took the unit to Ohio Valley Charging.  Kevin troubleshot the circuit board, replaced the parts, and made the repair.  The lift works good as new.  Kevin really went above and beyond explaining the details of… Read More

Vintage Sun Carbon Pile Load Tester Restoration

Thank you Kevin and Ohio Valley Charging for the beautiful jobs you did restoring a late 1980 vintage Auto Meter SB-7 Battery load tester. It looks and performs like new! Then you turned around and did it again with an unbelievable restoration of a very ratty 1956 Sun-Model #BST-5 battery & starter tester. I firmly believe Sun Equipment… Read More

Wolfe’s Evansville Auto Auctions

In the auction business, seconds count in the process of starting a car and driving it through the auction arena so that it may be sold. One car is not so bad, but multiply it times hundreds and you dramatically increase the chance of problems. Problems like dead batteries.

We currently have 8 jump boxes in service that each have a… Read More

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